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About Agency Integration

The Ohio Shared Services Agency Integration (AI) team collaborates with state agencies to transition common administrative transactions to Ohio Shared Services. All Agency Integration staff have been trained in LEAN Sigma techniques and methodologies and have Green Belt certification. The AI team will meet regularly with your agency's team to gain an understanding of your current procurement, payment, and receivable processes to guide you through the transition process. In addition, they will help lay the ground work for a successful and lasting partnership between your agency and Ohio Shared Services.

AI works closely with all Ohio Shared Services service line team to ensure that Associates, Team Captains, and Coaches understand your agency's process and needs. Additionally, AI team members are available to provide knowledge and expertise to assist agencies that are interested in internal business process transformation efforts and Lean applications


The Transition Project Plan

The Agency Integration team will guide the project team through a twelve-week, six -phase transition plan that is consistent with life cycles of project management. Both team's efforts (deliverables and target completion dates) are identified within each phase activity. Successful completion of each phase of this transition plan is dependent upon participation from the transitioning agency team and Ohio Shared Services Agency Integration team.

Within the phase breakdown, team activities are listed separately but may occur simultaneously or in the order that best suits your agency's needs. The level of input from each agency's team will also be based upon the structure and complexity of each agency. Our primary goal will be to partner with your agency to make your transition to Ohio Shared Services successful for your agency.


The Transition Phases




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Planning Phase (Weeks 1-2)

To successfully transition administrative transactions to Ohio Shared Services, the Agency Integration team will formulate a detailed transition plan complete with project deliverables, timelines, and various resources to assist in the process. The AI team will extract and analyze data from various resources in order to learn about your agency's core mission and operational processes. During the Planning Phase, the AI Team will review and validate their findings with the project team.

Ohio Shared Services has standardized the processing for procurement, accounts payable, and accounts receivable transactions. These standardized processes may vary from the internal processes currently used by an agency. The AI team will provide an overview of the OSS standard processes and recommended best practices, and work to ensure that your agency project team understands the process changes and is able to communicate such changes to project stakeholders.

Below are some of the higher-level deliverables that will be accomplished during the Planning Phase.



Conduct Kickoff Meeting

Prepare Project Plan

Identify Project Team Members

Gather Agency Specific Data

Analyze Phase (Weeks 3-5)

The project team will analyze agency voucher volumes, payment types, receivable types, and the agency internal procedures for processing and approval. The team will also explore unique transaction types and funding sources that may require special handling. During the Analyze Phase, the project team will determine the most efficient and effective method to complete the transaction and still remain within the Ohio Shared Services standard processes. The team will review the OSS and agency service level commitments and key performance indicators as outlined in the Service Charter. Additionally, the team will explore the training and communication needs of the project stakeholders.



Stakeholder Analysis

Transaction Analysis

Communication Plan

Training Plan

Supplier Analysis

Design Phase (Weeks 6-8)

The project team will apply the knowledge learned in the Planning and Analyze phases to the design the future state processing of administrative transactions for the agency. The Design Phase includes future state process mapping, system configuration design, end state documentation, value management planning, and knowledge transfer planning. The activities in this phase span the project timeline into the Build Phase



End State Assessment

Define System Configuration Planning

Readiness Workshop Planning

Build Phase (Week 9)

The project team will build upon the agreed future state processing of planned administrative transactions for the agency. The Build Phase finalizes and validates project documents which take into account future state process maps, approval and system configuration design, end state documentation, knowledge transfer execution, and supplier communication planning.

In the Build Phase, the project team will begin applying the knowledge gained from the Planning and Analyze Phases to complete a test plan and to assess any project risks.



System Configuration Changes

Test Plan

Supplier Communication Planning

End State Vailidation

Test Phase (Weeks 10-11)

The project team will execute the test plan to perform thorough user acceptance testing of the system configuration changes. Project team members will participate in the testing and defects will be tracked, corrected, and re-tested. During the Test Phase, the project team will conduct a readiness workshop to inform and educate all stakeholders on the new processes which support the transition. Knowledge transfer will occur with the OSS service line staff responsible for completing the transactions. Communication will be issued to suppliers to inform them of the transition and to provide further instruction and guidance.



Conduct User Acceptance Testing

Conduct Readiness Workshop

Conduct Knowledge Transfer

Communicate with Supplier

Deploy Phase (Week 12)

The project team will monitor and document the results of the Deploy Phase through project team stabilization meetings, reporting and "go live" performance analysis of transaction transitioning. Once deployment activities have been assessed and stabilization of transaction processing has been confirmed, the AI Team will move into stabilization support and work with Ohio Shared Services service line teams to resolve any issues that emerge during the Deploy Phase transition.



"Go Live"

Performance Monitoring


Customer Relationship Management

Continous Improvement



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