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Agency Integration
Frequently Asked Questions

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Agency Project Team
(Resource Commitment)
What type of team should I put together within my agency to coordinate the transition to Ohio Shared Services?

Your agency team should consist of key individuals within your agency fiscal leadership team, for example, an ideal team would consist of a CFO, project manager, purchasing lead, accounts payable lead, security administrator, training coordinator, communications officer, and grants manager, etc.

How much time per week will I need to dedicate to Ohio Shared Services?

Due to agencies differing in structure and complexity, the time necessary to dedicate to Ohio Shared Services transitioning will be determined together by the Agency and Agency Integration teams. We estimate a weekly touch point meeting of two hours, however additional work outside this scheduled meeting time will be driven by the agency needs.

How long does it take an agency to transition to Ohio Shared Services?

Depending on the size and complexity of the agency, it takes approximately 12-16 weeks to complete the transition process.

How will I know when I am ready to transition accounts payable to Ohio Shared Services?

As the liaisons between state agencies and Ohio Shared Services, the Agency Integration team will work with your agency to ensure that you are ready to transition to Ohio Shared Services and that Ohio Shared Services is ready to begin processing payments for your agency.

General Information
Is my agency required to use Ohio Shared Services?

Effective April 2011, Governor Kasich directed all cabinet agencies to transition specific financial transactions to Ohio Shared Services.

Will my agency still be able to enter vouchers once we transition to Ohio Services?

The agency will be able to create vouchers on an emergency basis and within an approved criteria of 5% of the agency total volume.

Will Ohio Shared Services use the same voucher origins my agency currently uses?

No, Ohio Shared Services-specific origins will be created for your agency. The Agency Integration team will work with you to determine the number of origins and approval paths required for vouchers created by Ohio Shared Services.

What payment types does Ohio Shared Services currently process?

Ohio Shared Services processes all payment types except interfaced vouchers, vouchers for P-Card transactions, or EDI invoices.

Invoice Processing
How will Ohio Shared Services identify the correct business office of which to route the voucher?

Ohio Shared Services uses the bill-to address on the invoice to determine the correct routing for the voucher.

Will I need to approve vouchers created by Ohio Shared Services?

For items that have been receipted in OAKS, no agency voucher approval is required. For items that have not been receipted, the agency will need to approve the voucher created by Ohio Shared Services.

Will I be charged for Ohio Shared Services processing my invoices?

There is a charge for Ohio Shared Services that is laid out in the service charter as an amount per transaction costs based upon the number of transactions processed at Ohio Shared Services. Billing occurs quarterly via an ISTV.

What ensures that my invoices get paid accurately and promptly?

Ohio Shared Services has quality controls and audit processes in place to ensure invoices are paid accurately and promptly. Furthermore, your agency will have the opportunity to review and approve all vouchers created by Ohio Shared Services for items that have not been marked as "received" in OAKS. To ensure prompt processing, please encourage your vendors to:

  • Print valid purchase order numbers on your invoices
  • Print your invoices on standard letter size, white or lightly-colored paper for clear imaging
  • Remove any heavily shaded areas on your invoices
  • Do not staple multiple page invoices together
Information Requests
Who can I contact for more information?

For more information, please call the Contact Center at 614.338.4781 or 1.877.OHIOSS1 (1.877.644.6771) and request to be referred to the Agency Integration Team.

Where are the OAKS security forms?

On the OBM Website at: OBM.ohio.gov/Forms/