Vendor Information Form Instructional Video

New Vendor Information

In order to do business with the State of Ohio, specific vendor forms must be completed and submitted to Ohio Shared Services. As a State of Ohio Potential Vendor, prior to completing any vendor forms, please review the information contained in the below letter.

To view PDF files, download Adobe's free Acrobat Reader.

Ohio Shared Services Vendor Forms

To view PDF files, download Adobe's free Acrobat Reader.

Where to Send Your Forms

Ohio Shared Services strives to provide all of our customers with an exceptional customer service experience, or as we like to call it, Service First. To help us serve you better, please download and complete the forms and send them to:

Mail: Ohio Shared Services
PO Box 182880
Columbus, OH 43218-2880
Telephone: 614-338-4781 or
1.877.OHIOSS1 (1.877.644.6771)


For more information on Ohio Shared Services vendor forms, please submit an inquiry via our contact us page or call 614-338-4781 or 1.877.OHIOSS1 (1.877.644.6771).

For assistance with submitting invoices or any of the above forms by email or fax, the job aid provides step-by-step instructions:

Helpful Hints When Submitting Invoices

To avoid a payment delay when submitting an invoice, the following information should be provided on the invoice(s):

  • Print valid purchase order numbers on invoices
  • Print the invoice date on invoices
  • Print a unique invoice number on invoices (duplicate invoice numbers will be rejected)
  • Print contract number on invoices
  • Print either your OAKS vendor number or Tax Identification Number (TIN) on invoices
  • Print remit to address and bill to/ship to address clearly
  • Ensure the address on the invoice matches the remit to address that was provided for vendor setup
  • Print invoices on standard letter-size white or lightly-colored paper for clear imaging
  • Remove any heavily shaded areas from invoices
  • Do not staple multiple page invoices, if mailed
  • Do not send statements or correspondence, submit only invoices to Ohio Shared Services

Accessing Secured Emails

Secured Email icon

Ohio Shared Services utilizes a tool that allows us to protect confidential information in our email communications. The following PDF contains a step-by-step guide on how to view and respond to secure messages.

Quick Tips

For Microsoft 2007, the Word forms contain macros and may require that you "Enable active content" via the Security Settings in Microsoft Word. To enable active content in Microsoft 2007:

  • Click on the Name of the Form
  • Select Open or Save
  • Under the Toolbar, you may see the words, "Security Warning. Some active content has been disabled"
  • Click Options
  • Click Enable This Content

For instructions on enabling active content in earlier versions of Microsoft 2007, please review the help section in Microsoft Word or, download the PDF version of the form using the link above. You can email, fax, or mail the form to Ohio Shared Services. For your convenience, contact information is printed on the bottom of every form. If you experience difficulty using this feature, please contact Ohio Shared Services at 1.614.338.4781 or 1.877.OHIOSS1 (1.877.644.6771).