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Agency Partners: Express Payments

Occasionally there is a need to have an invoice processed immediately. OSS provides the Critical Invoice Payment option for agencies that have such a need. Invoices received via this express payment option will be processed within 24 hours, provided they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Subject to a loss of discount
  • Potential disconnection/termination of services
  • Risk of late fees
  • Time sensitive (i.e. grants, federal cash draw)

Express payment requests should be sent to the following mailbox: Criticalinvoices@obm.ohio.gov


Accounts Payable Forms
OSS Standard Invoice Pre-Processing Excel Version (Excel)


The following Payment Request forms and Mail Merge documents are for state agency use only:

Steps for Mail Merge, Job-Aid PDF Version (PDF)
Mail Merge Documents Word 2010 (.dotm) (MS Word)
Payment Request Form Data Template Excel Version (Excel)
Payment Request Form Mail Merge Word 2007 and newer (.docx) (MS Word)


For assistance with submitting invoices or any of the above forms by email or fax, the following provides step-by-step instructions:

For more information on OBM Shared Services accounts payable forms, please submit an inquiry via our Contact Us page or call 1.877.OHIOSS1 (1.877.644.6771).