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Past Due Receivables Service

To make the State of Ohio's Accounts Receivable (AR) process more efficient and cost-effective, Ohio Shared Services has expanded its service offerings to include accounts receivable processing and past due receivables recovery. This service is available to state agencies.


State Agencies

Under Ohio law, state agencies are required to turn over (certify) all delinquent receivable accounts to the Ohio Attorney General for collection.

With our past due receivable service, Ohio Shared Services assists state agencies in recovering their past-due payments from the first day they become delinquent to when they are required by law to be certified to the Attorney General.

In the management of our past due receivable process, accounts are transmitted to partner agencies, and complete performance reporting for state agencies is facilitated. Through this process, recovery agents work to recover delinquent receivable accounts for state agencies immediately as they become past due. This process allows for state agencies to recover their delinquent receivables more quickly and efficiently.

The below image is a representation of a delinquent account submission, data verification and collection.

pre-collections process

Key Benefits

  • Streamlines and standardizes accounts receivable operations
  • Open integration services allows for agencies to easily submit data
  • Complete visibility to recovery process
  • Supports a debt collection cycle that aligns with industry standards



The following webinar provides new counties (under ODJFS) with training and a high-level overview of the collections system.


Agency Resources

The following FAQs and job aids are available to assist agencies in the past due receivables process:

Job Aids

If you are interested in learning more about our past due receivables service or any other service offerings, please contact Ohio Shared Services at 1.877.644.6771 or email collections@oss.ohio.gov