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Past Due Receivables
Frequently Asked Questions

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How will the collectors identify themselves to customers when they contact them?

They will identify themselves as Ohio Shared Services representing X county office of the Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA), or may identify themselves as X collection agency calling for Ohio Shared Services regarding their Y county Office of Child Support Enforcement depending on how they are processing these accounts.

How long does it take for the Debt Collector Agency to acknowledge and accept the case once submitted?

Once the cases are loaded into the OSS system, the agency will receive the file within 24 hours.

How many contacts can be added to the system?

From a total number of contacts, this may be as many as the agency needs. This may be self-serviced, so that the administrator can add the contacts as needed. There is not a hard limit, but it is recommended the decision to create contacts is made with care.

Our Agency has one person signed up for our county. Can we add additional agency staff to the case list?

Yes, additional agency staff may be added at any time. Before go live, we will setup the single person requested, and this will be self-serviced going forward.

Can you set up "other contacts" not including the primary and secondary agency staff and still receive the e-mail notifications?

No, e-mail notifications are only sent to those that are setup in the system and registered, there is no additional e-mail.

Do the agencies create their own Proof of Debt document or, is there a standard state form in the drop-down box to use?

No, agencies do not create their own document, it has already been established.

Employment Verification
How is an employer verified?

The collection vendors have a verification process with third party vendors to validate the employment information.

How will an agency be notified that there is a finding, Employer Append? Will an agency need to login to the OSS system, or will the agency contact(s) receive an e-mail?

An e-mail notification will be sent to the Agency contact(s) regarding the finding and that action is needed on a pending Employer Append.

How will the agency staff know who is responsible for responding to history items?

Agency staff would select from a dropdown box.

Case Information
Once the first list of cases has been established, and the six months has expired, will these cases appear on the second list?

Once the cases are identified, they will continue to be on the list unless they are requested to be removed.

If the CSEA receives information during the six month period a case is with the collector e.g., an obligor gets approved for SSI, how can the agency remove the case from collection activity? Does the agency use the dispute process?

No, this is the activity of creating the Account Closure at the time this occurs. The collector will close the account from OSS and cease collection activity.

If a dispute (account issue) is raised, will child support contact the obligor directly as well as respond through OSS or will child support contact OSS and the collection agent contact the obligor?

When the dispute occurs the item will be created in the OSS system then the child support contact will respond and work with the obligor.

If the noncustodial parent (NCP) contacts the CSEA regarding OSS contacting them, should the CSEA advise the NCP to contact OSS?

Once a decision has been made on the dispute, updates are to be made in the OSS system to notify the collection vendor as to the action on the obligor account.

Historical Data
If a case is closed will the history still be available in the OSS system

Yes, if the case is closed the history is still available in OSS system.