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Supplier Operations

OBM Shared Services is responsible for processing and maintaining supplier records in accordance with the standards and processes defined by the Office of Budget and Management's State Accounting. OBM Shared Services provides the following supplier services:

  • Supplier Registration and Maintenance
  • EFT Setup and Maintenance
  • 1099 Form Processing
  • Generating and issuing IRS B-notices
  • Supplier Inquiries


For more information about Supplier Operations, please download the brochure below:


Supplier Self-Service Portal

The self-service online portal provides suppliers access to view the real-time status of purchase orders, invoices, and payment information. The Supplier Portal is easy to use, and accessible across multiple devices (computer, smartphones and tablets) enabling 24/7 access to transactions.

To access the portal, suppliers must first register and obtain an 8-digit user ID. It delivers a secure and private experience for users during online interactions with the State of Ohio - providing advance fraud detection, prevention, and analytics. Once suppliers have obtained their OH/ID they can register to do business with the State of Ohio or, if the user's business is already registered, they can request to have their OH/ID associated with their business. Users of the portal also can:

  • Access news stories
  • Launch eBid and eSettlement applications
  • Update UNSPC code information
  • Manage User

To get started, visit the Supplier Portal website at: https://supplier.ohio.gov