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State Forms Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I submit my forms to Ohio Shared Services?

You may submit your forms by:

Mail: Ohio Shared Services
PO Box 182880
Columbus, OH 43218-2880
Fax: 614.485.1052
Email: Supplier@ohio.gov

Submit one file per employee.

I am a state employee, what information do you need to enter/update my information in OAKS FIN?
  • State employees being reimbursed for non-travel related items will need to be entered in OAKS FIN. To add/update a state employee in OAKS FIN, the following OAKS HCM screen prints are required:
    1. Biographical Details page (must include Social Security Number)
    2. View Name page (shows complete name listed in OAKS HCM)
    3. Contact Information page (shows address & contact information)
  • There is only one employee address listed in OAKS FIN. If the home address and mailing address are listed, then the mailing address will only be added or updated in OAKS FIN.
  • For EFT/Direct Deposit (OAKS FIN) of non-travel related items, complete the Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit of EFT Payments (OBM-4310) and submit along with a copy of a current voided check or a bank letter on bank letterhead signed by a bank representative which contains the name on the account, type of account, routing number, and account number. Please allow at least thirty (30) days from the date received for the information to go into effect.
How much time does it take for my form(s) to be processed?

After Ohio Shared Services has received your form(s) and appropriate documentation, please allow 5 business days for the documents to be processed.

There is an error on my information. Can I get this corrected over the phone?

If the information that you believe is the correct information differs from what Ohio Shared Services has on file, please contact us by email at supplier@ohio.gov or by phone at 1-877-644-6771.

How do I know if my EFT/Direct Deposit information request was completed?

If you have submitted the Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit of EFT Payments (OBM-4310) and all required documentation to Ohio Shared Services, you will receive an email stating your request has been completed at the email address provided.

How do I know my information is secure when sending it through e-mail or fax?

All reasonable safeguards and precautions are being taken to make sure all sensitive information is handled in a secure manner. Please note that e-mailing forms is not your only option. You may print the forms and once filled out they can be sent to Ohio Shared Services through interoffice mail from your agency. Please keep in mind that mailing forms is a less expedient option and will add to the total time it takes to process the request.