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Forming and cultivating lasting partnerships improves our success and strengthens our ability to serve. OBM Shared Services (OSS) is committed to working in new ways to grow and operate this exciting business model. Our partnerships with agencies, Ohio Civil Service Employees Association (OCSEA) and the Ohio business community ensure we have a constant stream of ideas for improvement.

Partnerships helped to develop a culture that is customer service-centered, embraces change and operational excellence, and focuses on teamwork.


Agency Partners

Our agency partners recognize the importance and value of a shared services business model. These agencies have formed a continuing partnership with OBM Shared Services.

OBM Shared Services works with our partner agencies to develop the OSS service charter and metrics. These serve as the guidelines and standards by which our performance is measured. OSS service charter list the specific tasks and responsibilities that are performed by OBM Shared Services on behalf of state agencies and provide the criteria to measure OBM Shared Services performance. They also provide direction should an impact to service delivery arise. OSS service charter metrics are the data that measure outcomes and help assess the efficiency and quality of OBM Shared Services transaction processing. This data is used to uncover performance issues that could impact service delivery, provide information to quickly resolve and correct any challenges, as well as recommend opportunities for continuous improvement.

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