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Ours Services

Ohio Shared Services is committed to a Service First philosophy by delivering exceptional customer service. By engaging our employees, partnering with customers and focusing on continuous improvement and efficiencies, we are striving to achieve Service First in the delivery of all business transactions, including:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Travel Reimbursement
  • Supplier Forms
  • Supplier Invoice Status
  • Supplier Payment Inquiries

Beyond business transactions, our contact center provides assistance and responds to inquiries from state agencies, employees and suppliers on a daily basis. Our high performing contact center:

  • Responds to employee and agency questions regarding travel and expense reimbursements and accounts payable transactions (i.e., voucher and purchase order processing).
  • Assists state of Ohio suppliers in completing forms and reconciling payments
  • Supports JFS and DODD Medicaid providers with their payments and inquiries regarding the completion of forms for services provided for the state.

In addition, we offer eSupplier, a self-service online module that allows suppliers to access real-time status on transactions information, e.g., invoice payments.